Computer Science Education Week

December is a month of holidays, and Computer Science Education Week is one of our favorites! CSEdWeek runs from December 4–10 this year, inspiring K–12 students to learn computer science, advocating for equity in the field, and celebrating the contributions of students, teachers, and many of our ITEST partners.  

This year’s CSEdWeek theme is “Impacts of Computing,” and that means all impacts—in education, privacy, security, and accessibility. There’s a lot for students to think about as they begin to understand the ethical, social, economic, and even the environmental effects of computer science, whether intended or not. Since computing is a critical skill for the future's evolving workforce, STELAR has included many computer science-based skillsets in their publication, K-8 STEM Career Competencies: Developing Foundational Skills for the Future of Work. You can view the full report here and read further for information on how ITEST is preparing the next generation for the future of work.  

So, thank you, computer science teachers and role models everywhere! Join us in celebrating CSEdWeek by checking out some of the computer science resources highlighted below.