Evaluation in ITEST

Evaluation in the Context of ITEST Projects

A key component of the technical support offered by STELAR (and by the LRC from 2003-2012) has been in helping projects to develop rigorous and relevant project evaluations that can provide formative and summative feedback to project leaders to improve their project and determine impact.

The resources collected here include a guide on evaluation, targeted to project directors, that helps build common understanding between project implementers and evaluators about the value and importance of evaluation. Also included are two articles providing specific examples of evaluation results, articles from the STELAR archives about ITEST evaluation resources, and articles looking at evaluation more generally. Finally, we have included an example of one of the instruments available on the STELAR website, the STEM Semantic Survey. The survey was developed by three ITEST PIs as part of an ITEST project, and has demonstrated validity and reliability as a measure of perception of STEM disciplines. For access to other validated instruments used by ITEST projects, go to the STELAR resources page and click on 'Instruments.'

Partner NSF Resource Centers have also compiled resources for evaluation, including:

The Center for the Advancement of Informal Science Education (CAISE) has produced an Evaluation Guide for PIs and has compiled additional resources.

The Center for Advancing Research & Communication (ARC) has compiled evaluation resources