Professional Development

Professional Development in ITEST

This STELAR Monthly Highlight showcases existing resources on the STELAR website focused on professional development. ITEST projects work in both informal and formal education, and in both settings a critical component of that work is engaging adults, whether teachers or informal educators, in the content and pedagogy of each ITEST project. ITEST projects have worked with more than 8,000 teachers across the country and provided them with strategies, tools, and models to increase student knowledge of, and interest in, STEM and STEM careers. ITEST project models include best practices in professional development as described by researchers and practitioners, together with innovative ways of implementing those best practices, such as incorporating informal and formal education together. This highlight includes publications and webinar archives describing professional development in specific ITEST projects, as well as instruments to measure teacher attitudes, knowledge, and pedagogical practices. 

To learn more about professional development in current ITEST projects, attend our webinar on July 16 (3-4 pm ET).