Teacher appreciation Week

Recognizing ITEST projects focusing on educators helping shape the lives of students worldwide

Teacher appreciation day originated in 1953 but it wasn’t established as a weeklong celebration until 1999.  Many people aren’t aware that Mattie Whyte Woodridge, an African American teacher in Arkansas is the pioneer of teacher appreciation day. She wrote to every governor in the United States and eventually one of her letters landed on the desk of Eleanor Roosevelt, the rest is history.

Being a teacher has its complexities, and we often don’t give enough credit to educators. The pandemic has served as an insight of what it takes to be a teacher and the daily challenges they face as educators. Education is constantly evolving, and some teachers are often concerned about their work not aligning with next-gen standards.

The Innovative Technology Experiences for Students and Teachers (ITEST), focuses on promoting STEM workforce development and contributes to related fields such as professional development. It’s extremely important to provide teachers with the tools they require to prepare and inspire the next generation. The month of May serves as an opportunity to show our appreciation and recognize the educators who shape the lives of students worldwide. Take a look at the following selection of ITEST publications, curriculum materials, instruments, and projects focusing on educators and professional development.