How STELAR Can Help You


The mission of STELAR is to build capacity and magnify the results of ITEST projects to deepen the impact of the ITEST program. 

    • We facilitate ITEST projects’ success in developing and articulating innovative models for STEM learning environments.  
    • We synthesize and disseminate of ITEST projects’ findings nationally.
    • We conduct outreach to broaden participation in the ITEST community of practice.

Whether you are implementing a project, submitting a proposal for funding, or looking to connect with other STEM education and workforce stakeholders nationally, there are multiple ways in which STELAR can assist you.  

Identify synergistic ITEST projects: Find projects doing work in similar thematic areas, disciplines, geographic regions, or grades.

Browse a robust library of resources: Browse the STELAR resource library to find evaluation instruments, curricular resources, and publications.

Access key ITEST program findings: Review findings from the program’s inception in the areas of STEM workforce development, teacher professional development, informal learning, youth motivation, technology integration and more!

Find useful information for ITEST proposal development and submission:

  • Review curated lists that provide valuable information to help develop a competitve proposal.
  • Identify potential collaborators and partners: Discover important collaboration and partnership opportunities, and contact STELAR for specific ‘brokering’ assistance.

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