Children’s Academic Intrinsic Motivation Inventory (CAIMI)


The Children's Academic Intrinsic Motivation Inventory (CAIMI), published by Psychological Assessment Resources, measures intrinsic motivation for school learning. CAIMI items are based on theories of intrinsic motivation measuring enjoyment of learning; an orientation toward mastery; curiosity; persistence; and the learning of challenging, difficult, and novel tasks. It is a self-report instrument consisting of 44 items, to which children rate their agreement or disagreement. There are five subscales, four being subject-area specific (reading, math, social studies, and science) and one addressing school in general. The CAIMI was originally developed (in 1985) for students in Grades 4 through 9 and in 2001 was extended through the end of high school.

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Youth Motivation and Interests in STEM
Psychological Assessment Resources
Target Gradespan(s)
Elementary school (K-5)
Middle school (6-8)
High school (9-12)
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