Concerns-Based Adoption Model (CBAM) – Levels of Use


The Levels of Use is one of three components that make up the diagnostic dimensions of the Concerns-Based Adoption Model. Determining Levels of Use is done with the use of a series of questions that a facilitator asks a staff member, during a focused interview. The Levels of Use interview protocol enables educators to know not only the extent to which staff are using a new program but also whether individuals are at a beginning stage—still working through the challenges associated with grasping the program—or at a more advanced level, where he or she has expertise in using the program. With this knowledge, leaders can provide the support necessary to help all staff members use the program fully and effectively. The Levels of Use tool consists of eight behavioral profiles that describe the actions that educators engage in as they become more familiar with and skilled in using a practice or adopting a change. 

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