MOSART Inventories


Each MOSART assessment instrument comprises a set of multiple-choice items that are linked to the K–12 physical science and earth science content, and K–8 life science content in the NRC National Science Education Standards, as well as to the research literature documenting misconceptions concerning science concepts. MOSART tests probe for any conceptual shift(s) as a result of professional development activities, course work, or other intervention. MOSART also supports administration of its tests by an MSP Institute to students to probe for any effects on the conceptual state of students whose teachers participated in that MSP Institute.

The link below provides information on how to access the instrument as well as documentation relevant to the instrument.


Authors provide instrument validity and/or reliability information.


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STEM Content and Standards
File Attachment(s)
Target Gradespan(s)
Elementary school (K-5)
Middle school (6-8)
High school (9-12)
Additional Disciplines
Bioscience - general
Engineering - general
Environmental Science - general
Additional Target Participants