Relevance of Science Education (ROSE) Questionnaire


The Relevance of Science Education (ROSE) questionnaire was created as part of an international comparative project meant to shed light on affective factors of importance to the learning of science and technology. The questionnaire contains 247 questions across 10 sections and assesses children's interest in, attitude towards, and experiences in science and technology, as well as their opinion about environmental challenges and career aspirations.

The link below provides information about the ROSE questionnaire and its use.

The attachements provide the instrument as well as documentation of the instrument's background, rationale and development, 


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Cultural Relevance, Equity, and Diversity
Informal Learning and Afterschool
Youth Motivation and Interests in STEM
File Attachment(s)
Target Gradespan(s)
High school (9-12)
Additional Disciplines
Bioscience - general
Computer Science - general
Engineering - general
Environmental Science - general
Mathematics - general
Additional Target Participants