CADRE - 2023 Fellows Program


The CADRE Fellows program provides professional growth opportunities for early career researchers (e.g., doctoral students, postdocs, research assistants) whose work centers on diversity, equity, inclusion, and justice in preK-12 STEM education. Through a series of capacity-building activities, the program offers Fellows the opportunity to gain insight into what it takes to be successful and effective in this field, become more familiar with NSF practices, and network with DRK-12 awardees and other early career researchers from across the country.

As a reminder, applications for the 2023 CADRE Fellows Program are due October 24, 2022. This is open to early career STEM education researchers who fit the eligibility criteria below (as you can see it is not DRK-12 specific). 

Eligibility Criteria:

  1. Be a doctoral student, postdoc, or early career researcher at a similar career stage at a non-academic organization. (Note: We will not consider applications from those who have completed their doctoral programs and are employed in an academic or non-academic STEM education research position, unless it is a postdoc position, as these individuals are less likely to benefit from the program as it is designed.) 
  2. Demonstrate the desire and potential for advancing the field of preK-12 STEM education. 
  3. Have research interests and career goals that contribute to diversity, equity, inclusion, and justice in preK-12 STEM education and the field of STEM education research.
  4. Have research experience in education and exhibit evidence of leadership. 
  5. Demonstrate a need for support in the Fellows program focal areas.
  6. Have the capacity to commit and contribute to the Fellows program by fully participating in all activities, e.g., you must be available to attend the virtual orientation on January 9 & 10, 2023.


Application Deadline: October 24, 2022

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