IES Transformative Research in the Education Sciences Grants Program


Through the Transformative Research in the Education Sciences Grants Program, IES seeks to support innovative research that has the potential to make dramatic advances towards solving seemingly intractable problems and challenges in the education field and/or to accelerate the pace of conducting education research to facilitate major breakthroughs. Transformative research projects are characterized by bold, innovative thinking, interdisciplinary and cross-sector collaboration, and have the potential to lead to high reward solutions. Both high quality research approaches and careful considerations of product development are needed to create high reward, scalable solutions. There is risk that the innovative research proposed is not able to be implemented as planned. IES expects teams to continually reassess their approaches and progress toward meeting project goals and be prepared to alter their plans to meet their project aims.

In fiscal year (FY) 2024, the Transformative Research in the Education Sciences Grants program will focus on accelerating learning and reducing persistent education inequities by leveraging evidence-based principles from the learning sciences coupled with advanced technology.

For more information, please see the request for applications.

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