NSF ITEST Conference & Workshop Proposals


Did you know ITEST supports Conference or Workshop Projects?

ITEST supports conference or workshop projects aimed at advancing the ITEST program goals, objectives and pillars as described in the solicitation. All proposals in this category should address the need for the work, why it is timely, and the expected contributions to understanding or advancing the question, issue, or topic. Proposals must demonstrate command of the literature and the challenges and opportunities related to current practice of the topic selected. They must also describe the expertise and selection criteria of participants, include a conceptual framework, a draft agenda, and the expected outcomes or products resulting from the conference or workshop activities. Finally, all conference/workshop proposals should discuss how these outcomes will be useful and disseminated to the research and practitioner communities and the broader public. Conference or workshop proposals may be submitted anytime during the year and reviewed accordingly. Proposers should contact a program officer prior to submission to discuss their ideas. For general guidance, follow the PAPPG guidance for preparing Conference Proposals (PAPPG II.F.9). The "Conference" type of proposal should be selected in Research.gov or Grants.gov.

Those interested are encouraged to email DRLITEST@nsf.gov a one-pager for feedback.

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