People Connector Directory for ITEST Proposals


Looking for an evaluator for your proposal or project? Need specific research expertise on your team?  Use our People Connector Directory to find people who have skills you need, or to list yourself as a resource to others.

The People Connector Directory connects individuals looking for partners or tools for their ITEST proposals with those who can provide partnership or tools (e.g., a school district looking for a research methodologist, a community-based organization looking for an external evaluator).

View the People Connector Directory to find people to connect with regarding your ITEST proposal. If you would like to receive an update whenever a new entry is added to the the Directory, click on 'Tools' and 'Notification Opportunities' (from within the Directory) to make sure you get email updates.

Add your information to the People Connector Directory if you are looking for or can provide specific expertise for your ITEST proposal. The information in the People Connector Directory is publicly available and accessible via this page on the STELAR website. If you wish to remove or modify your information in the directory please contact STELAR.

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Note: STELAR and NSF do not endorse the credibility or expertise of any specific individuals in the People Connectory Directory.