REL Webinar - Mathematical Thinking and Communication: Access for English Learner Students


The Regional Educational Laboratory (REL) held a webinar addressing mathematical communication for English learners:

Although many educators consider mathematics to be a “universal language” and assume that English learner students (ELs) can do well in math independent of language, research shows that the ability to understand math and reason mathematically is closely linked to language proficiency. This webinar will present current research findings that demonstrate the importance of language proficiency for math learning among ELs. Participants will engage with visual representations and explore their use to support mathematical reasoning and communication for English learners. Presenters will share strategies for promoting ELs’ language access and production through the mathematical work of the classroom. Hosted by the English Language Learners Alliance.

Access the webinar recording: http://www.relnei.org/events/event-archive/mathematical-thinking-commun…

Event Date: Tuesday, December 8, 2015
Event Time: 3:00-4:00 pm Eastern



Additional Disciplines
Mathematics - general
Computational Thinking
Cultural Relevance, Equity, and Diversity
Teacher Professional Development and Pedagogy
Youth Motivation and Interests in STEM