University of Texas – 2023 Quantum Professional Development Opportunity for Teachers & Student STEM Camp


ITEST Project Preparing Secondary Teachers and Students for Quantum Information Science is currently accepting applications for their 2023 professional development to be held June 20-29 in Arlington, Texas.


Quantum for All supports high school teachers who want to embed quantum concepts, that do NOT rely on advanced mathematics, in their curriculum. By providing mentors, equipment, and opportunities to "practice" what they have learned with other peers, our project is built to develop confidence and expand knowledge of quantum information science principles.

All STEM high school teachers are eligible to attend the 2023 Quantum Workshop to be held in Arlington, Texas between June 20-29. The 2023 workshop will be 4 days (Monday will be an optional review day from 2022 concepts) and will be followed by a 4 day student camp. The expectation is that the teachers attending the workshops assist in teaching the student camps as a way to reinforce and practice what was taught in the workshop.

2023 Potential Topics Include: Atomic Structure (Stern Gerlach, spin states, Entanglement, and Energy Levels), Cryogenics (coherence, levitation, and conservation of energy), Quantum based sensors and technology (interferometers, LIGO, superconductors), and Cybersecurity and Information (Entanglement, Quantum Key Distribution)

Due to funding limitations applications are necessary for attending the summer workshops. Use the following link to apply to attend in the summer of 2023. https://utaedu.questionpro.com/teacher23

Teachers will be paid a daily stipend and some allocation will be made for travel. If a teacher wants to purchase graduate credit, it will be available for around $150. Due to limited space there will be a small registration fee to ensure participation and pay for workshop t-shirts. This fee will be assessed after you have been accepted. For more information and to apply visit Quantum for All’s website at https://quantumforall.org/quantum-opportunities/

June 20, 2023




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