ITEST Program Findings


Since its inception in 2003, the ITEST program has focused on promoting STEM workforce development, and has also contributed to related fields such as professional development, afterschool, youth motivation, evaluation, and STEM content. ITEST PIs and evaluators document, evaluate, and research the outcomes of ITEST projects for youth and educators, and present their findings in webinars, conferences, reports, journal articles, and other media. Browse through the content areas here to see what the ITEST program has learned from 2010-present. To locate ITEST program findings prior to 2010, browse the STELAR resources or contact Have something to add?  Let us know at

Accessibility, Cultural Relevance, Equity, and Diversity

Educator Professional Development


STEM Career Opportunities and Workforce Development

STEM Content and Standards

STEM in Afterschool and Informal Learning

STEM Program Models and Implementation

Youth Motivation and Interests in STEM