YES To Technology (YES-2-Tech)

YES To Technology (YES-2-Tech)


Sixty high school students in St. Louis, Missouri develop computer fluency through concrete application experiences such as designing and building a greenhouse. The project introduces teens to real-life technology applications and challenges.


The St. Louis Science Center and Education Development Center, Inc. will implement this Youth-based ITEST project. "YES-2-Tech" is designed to create a model out-of-school program aimed at providing disadvantaged teens with academic and workplace opportunities and means to connect IT and STEM skills to their futures and careers. The project introduces teens to real-life technology applications and challenges through ongoing peer and mentoring relationships. Teen collaborations in neighborhood redevelopment activities using relevant real life work environments provides the components of an environment ripe for overcoming gender separation and encouraging career exploration by minority and underserved females. The project is designed to increase computer fluency in IT by matching math and science education to functional life experiences. Teens will be engaged in concrete experiences such as designing and building a greenhouse involving the use and application of digital technology. The project consists of multiple segments containing content in science, math, life skills development, work preparation and training, and college preparation. Use of computers and other digital devices will always take place within a context of useful application -- using these technologies in the service of a real world objective, and in conjunction with non-digital means so as to ground the digital experience in concrete experience. This project will reach a total of 60 high school students who will be engaged for a total of 464 hours each. As a result of their activities with the community, over 1,000 senior citizens and children will also be impacted during the project's implementation.


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2004 - 2007



St. Louis Science Center St. Louis, MO

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