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Advanced Digital Pathways


The Bay Area Video Coalition's (BAVC) proposed Advanced Digital Pathways (ADP) project provides 150 underserved low-income 9-12 grade youths with 180 contact hours of activities in information technology (IT) to better prepare them to pursue careers in IT and science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) related fields. ADP offers two full years of activities for youths from the San Francisco Bay Area to participate in the digital media technology segment of the IT field. Specifically, advanced application activities in video, web, animation, 3-D modeling, gaming, and audio are offered to youth participants. The project also involves 175 parents and caregivers, 40 educators, 40 companies, and 200 teenage peers through family technology nights, media productions projects, community outreach activities, and externships. Digital Pathways is an intensive media training program for young people who want to learn skills to advance their potential for careers in technology and the media arts. Students choose from 4 tracks - video, audio, 3D gaming & animation, or open source - and participate in intensive training that leads to a portfolio of projects, and paid internships in their chosen field. During the training period, Digital Pathways students are challenged to apply their technical skills towards addressing community issues and exploring their own artistic voices while also preparing for job readiness. At the conclusion of the program, all students receive three units of college credit. To view videos from the students, click the ADP website link below.


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2007 - 2011
Bay Area Video Coalition, San Francisco, CA
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High school (9-12)
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Informal Education
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Computer Science - general
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