Innovative Flight Simulation Experiences for Students and Teachers

Innovative Flight Simulation Experiences for Students and Teachers


Twenty grades 8-12 students from rural communities in Macon County, Alabama use a low-cost flight simulation environment to enhance physics and mathematics learning at Tuskegee University.


Tuskegee University proposes to use a low-cost flight simulation environment to enhance learning physics and mathematics for students in grades 8-12 in a rural community in Macon County schools in Alabama. It outlines a development strategy for module development that engages undergraduates and teachers in the development process followed by teacher implementation including teacher training and student workshops. The proposal design calls for adapting an innovative and successful strategy for engaging and teaching undergraduates to grades 8-12. Hands-on learning modules will be developed and teachers trained in their use. An interdisciplinary team from the Aerospace Science Engineering, Mathematics, and Psychology & Sociology Departments will develop the hands-on learning modules and provide training to teachers on using these modules as well as on developing their own modules. Exposure of 8-12 grade students to this environment at Tuskegee University which has the rich heritage of the Tuskegee Airman will excite students interest in STEM and motivate the target audience. The learning modules will be pilot tested and then offered as intensive on-campus workshops during weekends and summer to middle and high school students and teachers. The learning modules utilizing the flight simulation environment as a virtual laboratory will provide a dynamic, engaging and realistic environment of hands-on activities to learn the various concepts of physics and mathematics and their inter-relationship and application in real life.


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2009 - 2014



Tuskegee University AL

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