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Developing Project Based Instructional Units Utilizing ArcGIS Online


Developing Project Based Instructional Units Utilizing ArcGIS Online is an open, asynchronous, self-paced 40 hour, 5 module training course that utilizes ArcGIS Online for secondary educators (thoguh post-secondary educators may benefit from the course as well).  This course is designed for educators who are familiar with and who have taught with ArcGIS, particularly non-GIS educators who would like to add a geospatial perspective, project based instructional techniques, and the "power of data" to their existing courses. The main focus for this course is pedagogy, or how to teach to improve student learning outcomes.  By the end of the course, educators should have a project-based instructional unit that includes deliverables, base maps, and geodatabases.  The course includes text modules, videos, support materials, a FAQ, and a course evaluation.

This course was developed as an ITEST project by researchers at Northern Arizona University.

Curricular Materials

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Project Curricula Details

Teacher Professional Development and Pedagogy
Target Setting(s)
High school (9-12)
Additional Target Participants
Additional Disciplines
Environmental Science - GIS/GPS