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The inspiration for STEM (also known as ITEST project Design Loft STEM Learning Program) is the "Design for the Other 90% Movement,” which consists of engineers, designers, scientists, technologists, architects, and mathematicians engaged in designing low-cost innovative solutions for large portion of the world’s population who do not have access to basic services and products.

Design Thinking is an approach to learning that builds students' creative confidence. DIVE In! is a middle school curriculum that integrates STEM learning activities and the design thinking process. Inspired by the Design for the Other 90% movement, DIVE In! 2013 focuses on water issues.

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Curricular Materials

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Project Curricula Details

Teacher Professional Development and Pedagogy
Youth Motivation and Interests in STEM
Target Setting(s)
Middle school (6-8)
Additional Target Participants
Additional Disciplines
Bioscience - general
Computer Science - general
Engineering - general
Environmental Science - general
Mathematics - general