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Profile of the Data Practitioner


In April 2016, a panel of Big Data experts identified the big data skills, knowledge and behaviors of a "Data Practitioner" that are needed in the workplace. The panelists represent a diverse array of industries, including biotechnology, finance, law enforcement, health care, agriculture, and public policy.

This profile will be used by the Oceans of Data Institute and its community college partners–Bunker Hill Community College (MA), Normandale Community College (MN), Johnson County Community College (KS) and Sinclair Community College (OH)–to design and build course and programs leading to big data careers. The profile will also inform a performance rubric that will be created as an assessment framework to assist instructors in evaluating student proficiency in big data skills.

Other curriculum developers and designers may use this profile as a framework for the skills, knowledge, and behaviors students will need to succeeed in big data careers.

Who is the "Data Practitioner"?
The Data Practitioner, in service of an organization and/or stakeholders, supports the data life cycle by collecting, transforming, and analyzing data, and communicating results in order to inform and guide decision-making.

Curricular Materials

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