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SEEK18 Cybersecurity Module Teacher Guide


Over the course of a week, your young engineers can take on the Cyber Security Challenge.

Engineers will work in teams of 4-5 to apply the Engineering Design Process (EDP) and the scientific concepts related to simple 4 machines, force, energy and motion. Below you will find your week -at-a-glance, a materials list, and some background information that will help you prepare for the challenge topic area. Also included is a copy of the challenge letter as well as the end of week challenge expectations.

Student Challenge Letter: Dear Young Engineers, Recent hacking activities in Cyberspace have caused communities, companies, and nations around the world billions of dollars. Many users also fall victim to identity theft and account takeover. The National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE) is giving you a special challenge to work together to build a physical model of Cyberspace for an unknown society. Each group would create a computer network model for an important function in this society. These functions include law enforcement (police station), public health (hospitals), transportation (air travel, ocean, and land roads), energy (power plant), and finance (banks and stock market). Each computer network model support a function, and the networks are connected together by the Internet, controlled by the mentors. The young engineers need to design their network to survive the various attacks from the Internet.

End of Week Challenge Activities: There are five competition categories that your teams will compete in: Engineering Content Presentation,

Curricular Materials

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Elementary school (K-5)
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Computer and informational technology science