Maine LearnToMod Project: Example Curriculum

Maine LearnToMod Project: Example Curriculum


Technology has many conveniences, however the breakneck pace of it’s development has created a uniquely difficult problem for today’s teachers. Coding is unquestioningly an important skill for modern students, and will only become more important in the future, but many teachers (including the author of this curriculum) received little to no formal education in coding.

While programming may be daunting at first, we implore you to always remember the first and most important rule of coding, concisely summarized here by Science Fiction author Douglas Adams:

“Don’t Panic.”

We, here at LearnToMod, have been hard at work creating resources, lessons and guides for teachers and students alike. With these resources will have no trouble providing your students with quality coding lessons lessons, regardless of your prior experience.
We must emphasize that this curriculum is by no means the only way to use LearnToMod in a classroom. The most important educational tool in any classroom is the teacher, so we encourage you to tweak, change, or throw away as much of the curriculum as you like to provide the best possible experience for your students.