Curricular Materials

Billion Oyster Project Environmental Restoration Science Curricula 2018


Students will go outdoors to observe and document the water cycle in motion where they live. Students will also discover how they and their community impact not only the movement of water through the cycle, but also the water quality.

Describe the movement of water through the water cycle. Understand that water changes states when it gains energy from the sun or loses energy to the environment. Understand that gravity causes water to move downhill and to precipitate from the clouds. Create a model of the water cycle using the original pictures of water in the act of precipitating, infiltrating, condensing, running off, evaporating and transpiring.

Curricular Materials

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Project Curricula Details

Target Setting(s)
Middle school (6-8)
Target Participant(s)
Youth / students
Girls (or women)
American Indian/Alaska Native participants
Black/African American participants
Hispanic/Latino participants
Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander participants
English learners
Students eligible for free lunch or reduced-price lunch
Participants with disabilities
Environmental sciences