Curricular Materials

Project AIM: Helping Teachers Promote Mathematics Discourse for All Learners


Project AIM, a partnership between the NC State College of Education and Horizon Research, Inc., is a year-long professional development program that helps elementary school teachers learn to promote mathematics discourse for all learners using techniques adapted from literacy instruction to mathematics.

Through three main modes of engagement delivered through a hybrid model, teachers who participate in Project AIM:

  • Advance their own mathematical understandings of the content and pedagogy needed to improve the quality of mathematics discourse in their classrooms Learn how to adapt literacy techniques to promote discourse in their mathematics instruction
  • Analyze classroom practice and student mathematical thinking
  • Learn how to scaffold and support all learners’ engagement with mathematics discourse
  • Embed discourse techniques into their mathematics lesson planning
  • Reflect individually and collaboratively on their instructional experiences and the nature of student mathematical discussions
Curricular Materials

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Project Curricula Details

Target Setting(s)
Elementary school (K-5)
Additional Target Participants
Mathematical sciences