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Motion & Design of Accessible Playgrounds A Community-Connected Elementary Science & Engineering Unit


In the “Motion and Design of Accessible Playgrounds” unit, 3rd grade students will explore core ideas of balanced and unbalanced forces, changes in motion, and interactions between magnets. They will have an opportunity to extend and refine these ideas as they address engineering and technology standards during an accessible playground design challenge.

This teacher guide begins with a navigation guide that overviews each day of the unit, focus questions, NGSS and Massachusetts (MA) standards, and science and engineering practices (SEPs), followed by the detailed lesson plans and required resources.

The unit addresses standards in the engineering and technology strand (3-5-ETS1-1, 3-5-ETS1-2, 3-5-ETS1-3, 3-5-ETS1-4[MA], 3-5-ETS1-5[MA]) and in physical science (3-PS2-1: forces, 3-PS2-3: magnets).

Curricular Materials

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File Attachment(s)
Target Setting(s)
Elementary school (K-5)
Target Participant(s)
Youth / students
Girls (or women)
American Indian/Alaska Native participants
Black/African American participants
Hispanic/Latino participants
Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander participants
Students eligible for free lunch or reduced-price lunch
Participants with disabilities
Physics and astronomy