Curricular Materials

SEBA Curriculum-5E lessons


Airplane Engineering

What A Drag!: Presentation, Lesson

Conservation of Energy

Part I: Conservation of Energy: Lesson, Egg Drop Experiment
PART II: Energy Transformations: Presentation, Lesson, Card Sort, Evaluation
PART III: Roller Coaster Energy: Lesson, Worksheet, Evaluation


Part I: Presentation, Lesson, DNA Bracelet Activity, DNA Evaluation
Part II: Lesson, Build a DNA Ladder
Part III: Presentation, Lesson, Berry Full of DNA - Exploring properties of Strawberry DNA, Berry Full of DNA - Strawberry DNA Extraction, DNA Evaluation, DNA Evaluation KEY


Introduction: Presentation
Circuits: Presentation, Introduction to Circuits Activity, Lesson, Let There Be Light!
Day 1
Day 2
Day 3

Engineering Design & Electricity

Part I: Shapes in Engineering: Presentation, Lesson
Part II: Engineering Design Process: Presentation, Lesson
Part III: Electrifying The World!: Presentation, Lesson

Engineering in Sports

Part I: Engineering in Sports: Presentation, Lesson
Part II: Frictional Force: Presentation, Lesson

Exploring Chemical Engineering

Making Shower Gel


Part I: Polymers: Presentation, Lesson
Part II: Polymer Properties: Presentation, Lesson
Part III: Polymer Properties: Presentation, Lesson

Weathering & Erosion

Part I: The Rock Cycle: Presentation, Lesson
Part II: Erosion and Weathering:  Presentation, Lesson

Curricular Materials

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Project Curricula Details

Target Setting(s)
Elementary school (K-5)
Target Participant(s)
Youth / students
Parents / caregivers / families
Girls (or women)
American Indian/Alaska Native participants
Black/African American participants
Hispanic/Latino participants
Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander participants
Students eligible for free lunch or reduced-price lunch
Participants with disabilities