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Integrating Computer Science for All with Visual Arts



The Computational Thinkers

With the permission of Computing at School’s Barefoot initiative (, we have adopted both the concepts implicated in computational thinking and the approaches most likely to be adopted fruitfully by an individual who is engaged in computational thinking.

Computational Thinking (CT) Concepts

While adopting the Computing at School’s Barefoot initiative’s concepts and approaches, we have opted to use a different set of icons to associate with each. For each element of the curricular activity system, we designate which of the processes we believe to be primarily implicated in students’ responses.


CAS V1: Introducing Computational Thinking in the Art Room
CAS V2: Kandinsky: Elements of Art & Principles of Organization
CAS V3: Ready, Set, Go
CAS V4: Symbolic Portraits
CAS V5: Layers of Meaning: Palimpsests
CAS V6: Digital Mondrian
CAS V7: Graffiti and Contemporary Street Art
CAS V8: Photography
CAS V9: I am from . . . sights of home
CAS V10: Moving Pictures and Claymation
CAS V11: Tactile Picture Books
CAS V12: Culminating Activity: Personal Visual Arts Portfolio

Curricular Materials

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Middle school (6-8)
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