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Artifacts in Space (Grades 3-5)



Artifacts in space

Essential Question: How can I increase students’ knowledge about astronauts of color and expose them to careers in aerospace and engineering?​

  • Learning Objective: Students will be able to develop listening, reading, and comprehension skills by hearing and reading stories about contemporary astronauts and make a model of a space shuttle.


Lesson 1: Astronauts of Color and the Space Shuttle

Lesson 2: Culturally Relevant Artifacts for Space Launch

Lesson 3: Mission Mars


Curricular Materials

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Project Curricula Details

Target Setting(s)
Elementary school (K-5)
Target Participant(s)
Youth / students
Girls (or women)
American Indian/Alaska Native participants
Black/African American participants
Hispanic/Latino participants
Students eligible for free lunch or reduced-price lunch
Computer and informational technology science