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Teaching Coding in Grades 5-8 with Scratch Encore


Overview: This course prepares learners to teach coding in grades 5-8 with the Scratch Encore curriculum and was designed to be completed over the course of 6 weeks. Each week learners are introduced to a new computer science concept and the Scratch Encore module that teaches that concept. Many coding and debugging scaffolds that have been used and refined in classrooms are introduced.

  • Week 1: Scratch Basics Introduction to the Scratch Encore curriculum, the Scratch programming environment, and the Scratch Basics module
  • Week 2: Events Introduction to the Events module, helpful Scratch skills, and insights into the reasoning behind our learning strategies
  • Week 3: Animation Introduction to the Animation module (create simple animations with basic loops); the WHAT?!? A MESS debugging strategy is introduced
  • Week 4: Conditional Loops Introduction to the Conditional Loops module (use loops that end when a specific condition is met)
  • Week 5: Decomposition by Sequence Introduction to Decomposition by Sequence module (decompose a project into a series of events and the actions)
  • Week 6: One-way Synchronization Introduction to one-way synchronization (synchronize the actions of sprites through message passing); explore types of one-way synchronization: one-to-one synchronization, one-to-many synchronization 
Curricular Materials

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