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COVID-Inspired Data Science Education through Epidemiology

2023 - 2024
The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic provides a starting point for empowering young people to understand uses of data science through epidemiology. Through this program, 400 underserved youth nationwide will engage in a 15-hour out-of-school multimedia program centered on a project-developed text, The Case
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Non-digital Hands-on AI Learning Resources for Middle-School Students

2023 - 2024
Young learners need opportunities to build critical awareness surrounding AI. To rapidly expand inclusive access to AI education, K-12 educators need activities that (a) are low-cost, (b) do not require specialized technology, (c) can be led with little prior knowledge of AI and used in settings
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Scaffolding Automated Feedback for Teachers

2023 - 2024
While Artificial intelligence (AI) has the potential to improve both science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) teaching practice and students' overall classroom experiences, it is critical to better understand how teachers can more easily adapt it within their classrooms. In particular
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