The CryptoClub Cipher Handbook and CryptoClub Leader Manual


The CryptoClub Cipher Handbook is recommended for use in informal learning environments such as afterschool and enrichment programs. It teaches cryptography as an application of mathematics topics from the middle-grade curriculum. It covers six ciphers: Caesar, additive, keyword, multiplicative, affine, and Vigenère. The mathematics involved includes negative numbers, decimals, percents, prime numbers, common factors, inverses, methods for solving linear equations, division with remainder, and pattern recognition. Overarching themes throughout the book are problem solving and reasoning. The Cipher Handbook is intended to introduce the topics, which students then practice through group games and activities described in the Leader Manual. It can be used with whole-class instruction or with self-paced work in small groups.

The CryptoClub Leader Manualsupports teachers as they lead a cryptography enrichment program using the CryptoClub Cipher Handbook. In provides suggestions for teaching, along with an answer key, and discusses connections to middle-grade mathematics. It also describes games and activities that provide students with additional practice in an engaging, informal way.


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J. Beissinger
B. Saunders
University of Illinois at Chicago
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Mathematics - general