The dreamkeepers: Successful teachers of African American children


Discover how to give African American children the education they deserve with this updated new resource In the newly revised Third Edition of The Dreamkeepers: Successful Teachers of African American Children, distinguished professor Dr. Gloria Ladson-Billings delivers an encouraging exploration of the future of education for African American students. She describes eight exemplary teachers, all of whom differ in their personal style and methods, who share an approach to teaching that affirms and strengthens cultural identity. In this mixture of scholarship and storytelling, you’ll learn how to create intellectually rigorous and culturally relevant classrooms that have the power to improve the lives of all children. This important book teaches: What successful teachers do, don’t do, and what we can learn from them Why it’s so important for teachers to work with the unique strengths each student brings to the classroom How to improve educational outcomes for African American children across the country Perfect for teachers, parents, school leaders, and administrators, The Dreamkeepers will also earn a place in the libraries of school boards, professors of education, urban sociologists, and casual readers with an interest in issues of race and education.

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G. Ladson-Billings
John Wiley & Sons
Cultural Relevance, Equity, and Diversity
DEI Advisory Resource
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