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Getting Americans Back to Work

EDA’s American Rescue Plan $500 million Good Jobs Challenge is making once-in-a-generation investments in high-quality, locally led workforce systems to dramatically transform America’s communities. With a focus on equity, the program is expanding career opportunities for more Americans to reach their full potential and secure good-paying jobs while producing a skilled workforce to ensure the United States is prepared to innovate, compete, and succeed in a 21st Century global economy.

The Good Jobs Challenge highlights workforce development as key to accelerating local economic growth and rebuilding regional economies so they are more resilient to future challenges, while providing good job opportunities for American workers to achieve economic mobility and security.

Good Jobs Challenge By The Numbers: 32 grants awarded; $500 million awarded; 31+1 States and U.S. Terrirotries served; 50,000+ Projected Job Placements; 15 industries supported, 824 employer letters of commitment; 40 union/union-affiliated letters of support

On August 3, 2022, EDA announced awards to 32 industry-led, worker-centered training partnerships and systems across the country, which will impact 31 states and Puerto Rico. These workforce partnerships are providing tangible opportunities and security for American workers and connecting employers with the trained workforce they need to grow and maintain competitive economies.

The awardees funded by the Good Jobs Challenge expand opportunities across diverse populations, regions, and communities, focusing on coordinated and comprehensive approaches to removing systemic barriers for workers through support services such as childcare and transportation, and opening doors to a variety of paid on-the-job training opportunities.

EDA is investing in collaboration and support of the grantees through a Community of Practice. Find out more about how EDA's Community of Practice is supporting the Good Jobs grantees.

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