Impact of After-School Teaching on Elementary Science Preservice Preparation


This qualitative study examines data from eight elementary preservice teachers who transitioned into student teaching after participating in an alternative science methods course that included teaching afterschool science to elementary grade students. These eight participants had a chance to practice teaching inquiry-based science and reform their own thoughts about science teaching and learning through an 8-week afterschool science program situated within their elementary science methods course. Data was collected through observations, reflections, and participant interviews over an academic year. Participants were followed through their student teaching experience to evaluate their ability to overcome barriers associated with teaching science. The changes in their thinking about science instruction gave them added motivation to overcome barriers associated with teaching science.


SCI-TALKS presentation at the American Educational Research Association 2014 Annual Meeting, Philadelphia, PA, April 2014.


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T. Cartwright
S. Leigh Smith
B. Leigh Hallar
American Educational Research Association (AERA)
Teacher Professional Development and Pedagogy
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