Real Time Assessment of Computational Thinking

Real Time Assessment of Computational Thinking


This paper suggests a Cyberlearning tool based on a highly innovative assessment methodology that helps teachers with computer science education. Currently, there is a strong push to integrate aspects of programming and coding into the classroom environment. However, few if any tools exist that enable real-time formative assessment of in-class programming tasks. The proposed REACT (Real Time Evaluation and Assessment of Computational Thinking) system is a first step toward allowing teachers to see which high-level concepts students have mastered and which ones they are struggling with as students code in real time. REACT supports and facilitates the teaching of 21st century computing skills such as computational thinking [1] in the classroom environment.

Kyu Han Koh, Ashok Basawapatna, Hilarie Nickerson, and Alexander Repenning...presentation at the IEEE 2014 conference, Melbourne, Australia, July 2014.

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