STEM, STEAM, Make, Dream: Reimagining the Culture of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics


STEM, STEAM, Make, Dream explores the ways that science, technology, engineering, and mathematics can transform all young people’s lives through learning. This includes reimagining our collective relationship to STEM by presenting it as more accepting and accessible than previously acknowledged. Beginning with the ways that STEM has been used to marginalize many children, the book examines the need for the arts – including culture – to serve as an anchor for instruction. It also describes the need for “making” (hands-on creation and tinkering) in establishing relevance in learning. Then, through an experiential approach, the book articulates the value of dreaming of a future that is inclusive of all young people, especially those furthest from opportunity.

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C. Emdin
Cultural Relevance, Equity, and Diversity
DEI Advisory Resource