Weather and Climate Change Conceptions of Middle-school Students


One of the most important challenges facing the citizens of the 21st century will undoubtedly be climate change. Yet, understanding about climate change remains problematic for students and teachers, particularly in the United States. Understanding the small fluctuations associated with long term changes in temperature and precipitation is a daunting task for the general public let alone for the middle-aged adolescent. Unfortunately, students may only receive instruction on this general environmental science topic in middle-school and in a general science course during their freshman year of high school. This study compare changes to middle-school student's understanding of weather and climate change after participating in From Learning to Research, a NSF-funded subset of The GLOBE Program's Student Climate Research Campaign.

Conference presenation can be found via the linked conference website or here.

From Learning to Research presentation at the American Meteorological Society 94th Annual Meeting, Atlanta, GA, February 2014.


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Tina Cartwright
J. S. Malmberg
J. Atwood
American Meteorological Society
Youth Motivation and Interests in STEM
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