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NSF grant supports education outreach

Dr. Tirupalavanam Ganesh and his research team earned a $1 million grant from the National Science Foundation (NSF) to support a three-year ITEST project titled “Learning through Engineering Design and Practice: Using our Human Capital for an Equitable Future.”  The project, which launched this fall in collaboration with the Mesa Unified School District, will provide 96 seventh-, eighth- and ninth-grade students from Powell and Carson junior high schools with a multiyear, extracurricular and technological problem-solving experience.


Awakening the 'tech' in girls' brains

Developed in 2007, COMPUGIRLS is an ITEST project that serves 60 girls in underserved school districts in the Phoenix-metro area.  The girls, who are predominantly Hispanic, Native American and African-American, can begin the program as eighth graders and participate in six distinct courses, meeting four times a week for five weeks. In addition to advancing techno-social skills, they learn to improve their writing, conduct interviews, draft proposals, and research using the Internet, as well as ASU’s online library.