STELAR ITEST Principal Investigator and Evaluator Summit: 2018 Program

STELAR ITEST PrincipaI Investigator & Evaluator Summit

May 14-15, 2018

Westin Alexandria, VA

Equity and Access at the Human-Technology Frontier


The primary goal of the ITEST program is to provide youth with opportunities to engage with innovative technologies, allowing them to envision themselves in the STEM workplace of the future. ITEST projects have done this for more than a decade, with a focus on broadening participation in STEM by designing projects relevant to youth and providing tools and skills to build on their strengths and overcome constraints. These projects have reached hundreds of thousands of youth, and have made numerous contributions to the field's understanding of best practices creating a diverse workforce capable of breakthrough innovations.

This year's Summit was designed to engage projects in discussions of how we can support the transformation of the workplace of the future, how to best prepare youth to succeed in future STEM work, and how we can address the issues of equity and access in STEM fields. 

Goals of the Summit:

  • To share the latest ITEST program findings about innovative STEM education programming and research contributing to a more prepared and diverse workforce;
  • To identify areas for PIs and evaluators to collaborate for greater impact;
  • To identify best-practices for preparing youth to participate fully in the workforce of the future

Post-Summit Archive:

The 2018 Summit was attended by close to 200 ITEST PIs, Evaluators and Project Staff, representing 90 separate ITEST projects. This year we welcomed more than 130 presenters who shared their expertise and led discussions with our participants across the two days. An archive of the presentations can be found here:

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