STELAR Maker Webinar - Partnerships & Broadening Participation

STELAR Maker Webinar - Partnerships & Broadening Participation


In this webinar, learn about individual and group strategies that can help to support your work - current and future. Presenters will  highlight both Making Partnerships and Broadening Participation. Essential for most projects, strong partnerships are key to Making because of the scope of outcomes and the distributed expertise present across individuals. In addition to supporting these partnerships, NSF is committed to broadening the participation of those underrepresented in STEM. The research community has an opportunity to address the challenges of understanding key differences of access versus equity, individual and local contexts, and co-creating research with communities. Discussions will include how the making community can work together to develop guiding principles for future research, and generate ideas on how projects can design for transformative change. 

Bradley Barker and Dagen Valentine, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Dorothy Jones-Davis, Nation of Makers

Date: Tuesday, May 14 from 2-3 pm ET

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