STELAR Webinar: ITEST’s STEM Workforce Education Model

STELAR Webinar: ITEST’s STEM Workforce Education Model


NSF ITEST projects are an ideal testbed for researching what it takes to create robust pathways leading towards high-demand technology-centered careers. This webinar presented the results of the STELAR/ITEST Data and Impact Working Group’s efforts to identify the types of data that might be collected by ITEST projects to provide evidence that the program is setting youth on a STEM career trajectory. Working group members Kirk Knestis, David Reider and Joyce Malyn-Smith presented their research on a Workforce Education Model for K-12 STEM Education Programs, published recently in the Journal of Science Education and Technology. Their investigations aim to help us to understand better the relationships among critical components of the ITEST program and the important distinction between STEM content and STEM career outcomes that support pathways to STEM careers

Presentation materials:

For more information, visit the STELAR blog to read "Framing Next Steps in Research for ITEST," by Joyce Malyn-Smith and view the article, "Workforce Education Models for K-12 STEM Education Programs: Reflections on, and Implications for, the NSF ITEST Program."

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