The Invention Factory: Student Inventions Aid Individuals with Disabilities

The Invention Factory is a nontraditional youth-based, after-school program in Honolulu that teaches information technology and mechanics to teenagers through interactive, hands-on projects that improve human computer interaction for individuals with disabilities. 


Freedom Machines

The Freedom Machines film, discussion guide, lesson plan, and resource guides are designed to dramatically broaden the concept of diversity for all students through telling the intimate stories of adults and children with disabilities who are using modern technologies to change their lives.


Bridging Barriers: Using Technology to Attract, Retain, and Mentor the Engineering Workforce of Tomorrow

Today’s technology-based global economy places a high premium on STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) education. Educators committed to increasing the interest and achievement of females in engineering struggle to find appropriate resources. The Gender and Science Digital Library (GSDL) from Education Development Center, Inc., (EDC) is a unique on-line collection of exemplary resources aimed at encouraging girls and women to pursue science and engineering education and careers.


Inclusion, Disabilities, and Informal Science Learning

Inclusion, Disabilities, and Informal Science Learning, a report by the CAISE Access Inquiry Group, offers a theoretical framework for thinking about inclusion of people with disabilities in informal science education (ISE), then reviews current practice in museums (broadly defined), in media and technology, and in youth and community programs.


ITEST Idea Brief: Accessibility: Creating Inclusive Learning Environments

This Idea Brief from the ITEST LRC provides a concise, information-rich reference that reveals what inclusive programs can look like and offers some practical tips for getting there.