Community for Rural Education, Stewardship, and Technology (CREST)

2005 - 2009

Community for Rural Education, Stewardship and Technology (CREST), a comprehensive project for students and teachers, currently networks the Island Institute, the University of Maine at Machias, Bowdoin College, and Maine’s island and coastal schools to form a learning community of 55 students, 44

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CyberBridge UCSD/SDSU

2007 - 2011

Seventy five teachers from a variety of disciplines work in small interdisciplinary teams to engage hundreds of students in SanDiego County, CA. Teams use Project-Based Learning approaches to work with scientists in partnership.

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Medibotics: The Merging of Medicine, Robotics and IT

2006 - 2009

The New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT) is working with faculty, students and staff in four high-minority urban school districts in New Jersey to integrate robotics programming, engineering design and information technology into existing curricula for grades 7-12. The goal of the project is to

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