Media-Based Resources to Support the ITEST Program

2007 - 2010

WGBH Educational Foundation produced and disseminated an integrated set of media-based resources to support the national ITEST program, its Learning Resource Center, and local ITEST project participants across the country.

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Salmon Camp Research Team II

2007 - 2011

One hundred and eighty middle and high school Native American students in Oregon, Washington State, and California are performing GIS surveys and utilizing computer modeling to map the spawning grounds of wild salmon.

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Clean Energy Literacy and Leadership (CELL)

2010 - 2014

Five sites located in underserved, East San Francisco Bay Area urban communities will form a regional network where 300 students from ages 14 to 16 engage in clean energy, ICT and green technologies education, and conduct public outreach activities.

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Dan River Information Technology Academy (DRITA)

2006 - 2011

Ninety six students – with a focus on African-American and Hispanic youth - from the Danville, VA area will develop solid Information technology skills, and will acquire the background and encouragement needed to pursue higher education in STEM fields.

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Green Table Productions

2007 - 2008

A partnership between Little Haiti Housing Association, computer clubhouses, and the YWCA of Greater Miami offers 90 Haitian and African American 7-12 grade students a collaborative media development program involving video, music and graphic arts.

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IT Community Support Project

2006 - 2010

Three hundred and fifty two middle and high school students in Hartford, CT gain IT skills in computer engineering and web applications by producing a DVD on IT careers, a project website, and by refurbishing computers for donation.

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Scaling up an Innovative Approach for Attracting Students to Computing

2011 - 2018

US college and universities are experiencing a dramatic decline in enrollment of computing majors, despite a predicted, rapid increase in future jobs in the computer science (CS) and information technology (IT) sectors. This reflects a decline in the number of students taking the AP computer science

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