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Computer Forensics Summer Academy & STEM CareerBuilder

The STEM CareerBuilder research and development (R&D) project aims to (1) explore what strategic government-university-industry partnerships and (2) study how technology-enriched interventions can encourage and support high school students with their pursuit of STEM education and careers. Multi-tier interventions with age-appropriate, interdisciplinary content, real-word context, and co-educational curricula include: Computer Forensics Summer Academy, mentoring, job shadowing, internships, research fellowships, and professional development.



ASSISTments Assignments

"Stories of Algebra" is a series or activities in the ASSISTments platform where students pose, solve, and share algebra problems related to their interests. Stories of Algebra created an experience where students receive activities personalized to their career interests (e.g., healthcare, IT), and/or personalized to their everyday interests (e.g., sports, video games).


GIS-Infused CTE Business Course: Mapping My Community

Your mental map is a representation of your own personal geography that you carry around with you and draw on as you make everyday decisions about where to go and how to get there. Everyone’s mental map is different. Mental maps reflect the spatial information we use in our daily lives, like where we know and where we don’t know, and they are influenced by things like personal experiences, transportation, safety, and accessibility.


Make Way for Trains! Holding Back Earth Materials

A Community-Connected Elementary Geotechnical Engineering Unit


Artifacts in Space (Grades 3-5)


Artifacts in space

Essential Question: How can I increase students’ knowledge about astronauts of color and expose them to careers in aerospace and engineering?​

  • Learning Objective: Students will be able to develop listening, reading, and comprehension skills by hearing and reading stories about contemporary astronauts and make a model of a space shuttle.


Lesson 1: Astronauts of Color and the Space Shuttle


SEBA Curriculum-5E lessons

Airplane Engineering

What A Drag!: Presentation, Lesson


GIS-Infused CTE IT Course: Mapping My Community

STEMulate Student Curriculum Manual

Project STEMulate utilizes a Problem-based Learning model and approach to stimulate STEM interest, knowledge and skills of Hawai’i’s high school students. Specifically, providing a STEM curricula that actively engages students in real-world, technology-based problem solving and learning. Project STEMulate seeks to transform the learning experience for high school students to motivate and prepare them for the STEM careers of tomorrow by supporting today’s teachers. 


Motion & Design of Accessible Playgrounds A Community-Connected Elementary Science & Engineering Unit

In the “Motion and Design of Accessible Playgrounds” unit, 3rd grade students will explore core ideas of balanced and unbalanced forces, changes in motion, and interactions between magnets. They will have an opportunity to extend and refine these ideas as they address engineering and technology standards during an accessible playground design challenge.


A Project-Based Exploration of Electrical and Computer Engineering

This textbook is used as part of the CISTEME365 educational initiative (Overview videos).

Supplemental learning materials for the textbook.