Meeting Theme

This year's ITEST PI Meeting theme is Innovating Equitable STEM Learning for the Future Technological Workforce. We will engage the ITEST community in workshops designed to unpack project work through the lens of the three ITEST pillars:

  1. Innovative Use of Technology in Teaching and Learning,
  2. Partnerships for Career and Workforce Preparation, and
  3. Strategies for Equity in STEM Education. 

Projects will participate in interactive community sessions as we rotate through discussions for each of the three ITEST pillars. These sessions will include activities designed to:

  • explore how active research and development projects implement the ITEST pillars, 
  • reflect on what this looks like across grade bands, and
  • examine the discoveries and challenges common within each grade band that would be beneficial to both the project and field to discuss

The sessions each day will focus on capturing project and partner perspectives. To ensure all voices are represented it is important that projects plan to include a partner who is active in the project’s implementation—practitioners, community, and/or industry partners are encouraged to attend.