Catalyzing Inclusive STEM Experience All Year Round (CISTEME365)

The CISTEME365 project headquartered at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign hypothesizes that experiences with cutting-edge technology must exist all year-round to effect significant improvement. Thus, the fundamental project goal is to enable middle and high school Underrepresented Students (URSs) in STEM (female, underrepresented minority, and/or low-income) to participate in sustained, intensive, hands-on STEM learning experiences. The CISTEME365 project investigates the synergistic effects of school-year STEM clubs, university-hosted summer camps, and a summer learning institute combined with a school-year networked improvement community (NIC) for school counselors and teachers.

The main takeaway points of the poster are "Time, context, and content usability presented barriers to overcome when implementing afterschool STEM Club opportunities; but a focus on equity and inclusion strategies in STEM Club implementation was accompanies by increased diversity of club participants."

Logo showing how CISTEME365's 3 pillars of IDEA teams, STEM clubs, and Summer camps enable more students to pursue STEM majors/careers.

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